Space Collection

This flag was flown in lunar orbit abaord the Apollo 16 Command Module "Casper" as part of astronaut Charlie Dukes PPK (Personal Preference Kit).  Astronauts were permitted to carry a small number of items during their missions, as described in the accompanying letter.    He also kindly signed some photos to go with the flag for when I get it framed.     I obtained these items directly from Charlie himself.

This checklist page spent 3 days on the lunar surface during the Apollo 17 mission in December 1972, was part of a malfunction checklist that was stored in the lunar module for the duration of the mission.  It is signed in pencil by Apollo 17 Commander, Gene Cernan who kept it as part of his personal collection after the mission. It is archivally framed with a custom signed composite photo made from 3 mission images, and brass etched plaque and an original beta cloth mission patch.